Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

JoshCast 56

JoshCast 56 Is it possible to bomb on your on podcast show? listen to this episode and find out that yes you can.

JoshCast 55

JoshCast 55 This episode features bloopers and behind the scenes coverage from the 2nd shoot of the new hit internet show IOS News Network. Featuring Dmart, Cynthia, Mahon, Robotin and Tony V.

JoshCast 54

JoshCast 54 Rod " Goat " Sperling and I do some commentary doing a comedian's set. Then the pilot episode of IOS News featuring Dan Mahon, Tony Viejo, Rick Robotin, and Dmart.

JoshCast 53

JoshCast 53 If you listen to this entire episode, something amazing will happen to you in the next 72 hours. I'm only lying!