Friday, February 21, 2014

JoshCast Episode 27

JoshCast Episode 27 This episode features a handjob prank phone call, a new parody from Teach Me How To Dougie about roofie's and a Mystery Guest tells a tale of going a fun lady and paying for a awkward and interesting experience. Features Darin M and Coleman Green, enjoy JoshCast bitches!

Breaking and Entering Episode 33

Breaking and Entering Episode 33 fdf

Saturday, February 8, 2014

JoshCast Episode 26

JoshCast Episode 26 JoshCast is packed in this episode with a hour long show, wow never that you hear that huh? Special Guest Bryan Leichter poors his heart out about comedy, women problems and life. Of course a prank phone call where I homo horass a pizza shop stud. Features Darin M. and interuptions from Phatdog and Greg Lynn.

JoshCast Episode 25

JoshCast Episode 25 On this very special episode there is some coverage of a drunk comedy fan from round 1 of IOS March Madness. Also, I steal something from a comedian and I don't mean material, an apology and St Patty's Day prank calls.

JoshCast Episode 24

JoshCast Episode 24 Why hasn't this shitty show been cancelled? Well all I have for you is a new song, a prank call where I trick someone as I pretend to be a woman. AND! Bad impressions with Rod " Goat " Sperling featuring Darin M.

Friday, February 7, 2014

JoshCast Episode 23

JoshCast Episode 23 It's your favorite show not to listen to. New song parody " Last Friday Fright " and a prank call about prostate. The main event is more back to the humor interviews from Tim Kish, Rick Robotin, Greg Lynn, Cynthia Haskins and Scott Terry. Dan Luna hosts and I sit back with my awful zingers, enjoy!